To potential investor(s), and all present and future customers -- this is a short list of what's blowing up our skirt here at INFINITY Aerospace :

* a little more funding [ only ~$300K for the Quick Build Kit Production Molds, $100K to finish the final prototype ( the BIG Buck items -- the instrument panel and the firewall aft ), and $100K to prove out the Quick Build Kit Production Molds by pulling at least 2 sets of parts from the molds before kit deliveries begin ] is needed before going into production of 100+ Infinity 1 Quick Build Kit Sport Aircraft per year. To date, out of all the thousands of "Looky Loos", "Leaners", "Wanna Bees", "Tire Kickers", and "Whistle Gophers" who have contacted us, 678 people have sincerely stated that they are going to order an Infinity 1. We already have ~60 orders, and 11 deposits. We also need ~$350K to buy our own mil, lathe, tooling, CAM software, and FEA software to produce retractable landing gear for our Infinity 1 Kits ( and other customers retract designs further diversifying our already diversifed company ), throttle handle and quadrants ( HOT ), and all the metal parts for the Infinity 1 Quick Build Kit Sport Aircraft, and for other customer projects such as UAV Retractable Landing Gear, and for all of our other products ( we are tired of farming out all of this machining! ). My first investor, and dear friend who has passed on, gave me some sage advice -- whatever amount you think you need, triple it. So, if you want to be part of our INFINITY Aerospace team for a small investment of only $3,000,000 of funds needed for our final phase for produciton, call JD ( sincere people only, please ) ;

* deliveries of 60 more sets of our Infinity 1 Oleo Strut Main Retracts that also fits other Canard Sport Aircraft have begun, and all will be delivered soon ;

* we're also going into production of our Left & Right Hand, and Center Console, Throttle Handle and Quadrant (HOT) [ 3000+ builders have already expressed interest ]. The 3 prototypes were shown at Sun 'n Fun (SnF) AND Oshkosh ( they were a BIG hit ! ) for input from valued aviation professionals and other sources. Improvements were made after each air show. We are finally done with the design, now production and deliveries should begin soon after $50K more funding is received ;

* we're also going into production of our steerable or castering (builder's choice) Oleo Nose Strut for Canards with a 11.5" diameter Lamb type and size tire that will lift a 2200 lb. GW Canard aircraft with 4 people, full gas and baggage -- and the actuator internally locks down ( actuator will remain mechanically locked even with loss of hydraulic pressure -- Safety Feature ) -- hundreds of Canard builders / fliers have already stated they want our oleo nose strut. The prototype should be completed soon, and production will begin after $10K more funding is received;

* as I said in the 2nd bullet above, with all the machining and outside jobs that are upcoming, we need $350K to buy our own mil, lathe and tooling ;

* we are coming out with a simple Central Aircraft Computer (JD's Black Box) to help relieve the pilot of some of the tedious, mundane duties not directly involved with actually flying the aircraft, but must be remembered – a Safety Issue with me and most pilots. Should have the prototype ready soon -- see Word *.doc >;

* as the web site states, we design and manufacture landing gear for other companies aircraft ;

* we designed and mfg.'d South Korea's NASA's (KARI) Fire Fly Retractable Castering Oleo Nose Strut Landing Gear March 25th, 2004 ;

* we designed and mfg.'d South Korea's NASA's (KARI) Vertical Take-Off Smart UAV Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear with outriggers October 05th, 2004 ;

* we should be starting a Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear design, then production, for a 12,500 lb. GW sub-orbital aircraft ;

* we have an association with a company whose turbo-fan jet engine is on the drawing board and going into production ;

* we are the designer and manufacturer of Retractable Oleo Strut Landing Gear for 2 major aerospace companies for aircraft under 12,500 lbs. Gross Weight ;

* when funding is in place, we are going to design ( actually, the designs are already figured out ) and manufacture Retractable Oleo Strut Main Landing Gear for the RV / Harmon / F-1 Rocket series of tail dragger Kit Sport Aircraft, and the tri-cycle retracts for the RV-10. Also, maybe even making a Laminar Flow composite retrofit wing with Fowler Flaps ( and retracts built in ) for these aircraft, if there is enough interest. But, as you all well know, money drives everything ;

* governments and government agencies want Turn-Key prop, turbo-prop and jet Infinity 1 aircraft. We have already given 6 briefings to DARPA and the Pentagon -- at their request -- for using our Infinity 1 as a manned and/or unmanned attack and/or reconnaissance spy plane [ Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) ]. { NOTE -- one of JD's many collateral jobs while on Active Duty at NAS Pt. Mugu Flight Test was Officer-In-Charge (OIC) of the Navy's UAV Program, so the Infinity 1 is designed with the UAV, and many other, missions in mind } ;

* 6 foreign countries have already contacted us for Turn-Key Light Attack and/or Trainer Infinity 1 Jet Aircraft ;

* we have other aircraft designs on the drawing board, including a 6 pax 300+ KNT helicopter, and an Unlimited Reno Race Plane ;

* we are interviewing many cities in several states concerning moving our company to their city to produce our Infinity 1 Quick Build Kit Sport Aircraft, and all of our other products, which provides jobs and money to the local and state economy.

    Some of this information is discussed in more detail on our web site, and/or call JD ANY afternoon after 1300, or early evening, PT, 7 days a week, for "the rest of the story" !

    You can also read about ALL the other products we carry on our web site. As you can well see, we are not just another kit aircraft company hanging our hat on whether or not our kit aircraft will be successful or not -- in fact, we are doing just fine making our Stick Grips. We have been in business since August 1980.

    So, if you are *truly serious* about investing and/or joining the INFINITY Team , please contact JD via our addresses at the bottom of our Home Page, and/or via his e-mail address at , and/or via FAX at (619) 448-5176, and/or by phone at (619) 448-5103, and/or via Skype: kingvulcan007 [ JD can be reached ANY afternoon after 1300 Pacific Time (PT), and early evening ].

    When you call, he will lay out all that is happening here at INFINITY Aerospace  in as much detail as you want / need !

    THANK YOU for your sincere interest :-) !

Infinity's Forever, ( ),


James D. Newman, Pres / CEO / CTO / CFO / Chairman
CDR            F-14           USNR(R)

Retired F-14 Naval Aviator
EAA Nat'l Lifetime & LCL Member
EAA Technical Counselor
EAA Flight Advisor
AOPA Member
Test Pilot
Eagle Scout
My $0.02 = $37+
Skype: kingvulcan007

* Checkout our other products: Stick Grips, Retractable Landing Gear, HOT, Infinity 1, Pre-Oiler, LGS, and many other products!

"Top Gun Days" -- if you like F-14's &/or the movie "Top Gun", my friend wrote a GREAT book about it, and our 1st 3 years in our 1st F-14 Fleet Squadron. OBTW -- I'm the tallest one in the group picture in the middle of the book :-) .

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    You are 1600 times more likely to be killed by a doctor who screws up, than from a gun.
    You are 9000 times more likely to be killed by a doctor who screws up, than from having a gun in your home.
    Flying is 23 times safer than driving. -- MIT

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