Please, please, PLEASE help us to better serve you :-) !

We don't mean to upset you by asking you to first read our web site, and link(s) on our web site, that you are interested in, and then to please use our interactive order forms on our web site, before contacting JD via e-mail and / or phone if you have a question and / or problem. He receives an enormous amount of e-mail every day (200+), and it is getting to be unmanageable. But, of course, if your question is not answered on our web site, or you are really having trouble with our simple interactive order form(s), please contact JD ( the Grip Whisperer ) at , and he will do his best to answer your e-mail in a timely manner.

Or, better yet, call him any afternoon M - F after 1400 CA Pacific Time, and early evenings, at 619-448-5103 [ LOL -- less typing for JD :-) ].

Also, please note -- if you do not receive an e-mail back from JD, besides checking your spelling, your e-mail may have had a Virus and/or Worm in it, or determined to be Junk and/or Spam e-mail by our system, and it was deleted. So, either resend your e-mail with your question(s); or, call him any afternoon M - F after 1400, or evening, Pacific Time, at 619-448-5103 ; or via Skype at kingvulcan007 .

Again, thank you ever so much for your understanding, interest, patience, business and support !

Also, the following is something I always do:

Instead of creating extra work for anyone/everyone receiving your e-mails by asking them to send a return confirmation e-mail back to you that they have received your e-mail:
When you want to know if someone received *AND* read your e-mail, if you are using the Mozilla Thunderbird program for your e-mails like I do (I don't like Outlook for doing e-mails), when you go to the 'Write' tab to write an e-mail, simply go to the 'Options' tab and select request 'Return Receipt' *AND* 'Delivery Status Notification' in the pop-down list for whomever you are e-mailing.
If you are using the program Outlook for your e-mails, after you go to the 'New E-mail' tab, simply go to the 'Options' tab and select 'Request a Delivery Receipt' *AND* 'Request a Read Receipt'.
I have this feature turned 'ON' at all times for *ALL* my e-mails I send, and if I don't want a 'Return Receipt' from whomever I'm e-mailing at that time (such as when I forward a joke), I just deselect it from that e-mail ONLY. HTH