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The final prototype is complete except for the Big Buck items -- the instrument panel and the firewall aft.

See: What Else link near the top left of our Home Page for more details.

( No, for many reasons it will not be sold as a plans built aircraft -- sorry. )

Click here to see a full size picture (153K *.gif).
Click here to see a picture of the roll-out of the 2nd plane nearing completion, looking head on, up on all 3 gear ( 44.6K *.jpg ).
Click here to see a picture of the roll-out of the 2nd plane nearing completion, looking head on, kneeled/parked ( 43.9K *.jpg ).
Click here to see a picture of the roll-out of the 2nd plane nearing completion from the front left quarter, kneeled/parked ( 47.6K *.jpg ).
Click here to see the wings being primed on the 2nd plane nearing completion #1 , #2 , #3 .
Click here to see the 2nd planes "1st Flight " ;-) .


  • A Quick Build Kit from the get-go.  600 to 1000+ hour construction time for a basic VFR plane ;
  • Pre-preg and vacuum bag constructed kit, includes ALL airframe parts and hardware for the Quick Build Kit -- YES, the Retractable Landing Gear, and MATCO wheels, brakes & Parking Brake, and Michelin Air Tires & Leak Proof Tubes, ARE included ( engine, avionics, instruments, radios, prop, paint and 2 wing Pylons with 2 Pods are extra ) ;
  • Basic VFR, basic IFR and custom instrument panels will be available ;
  • Wings, winglets and canard come to you complete in primer paint -- including installed antennas -- you just install flight controls, and paint the aircraft ;
  • Fuselage and strakes arrive to you as a top and bottom pre-molded tub in primer paint, wire and plumbing conduits, and heat ducts, are already installed in fuselage walls and floor. Just install pre-molded bulkheads and ribs ;
  • Electro-hydraulic retractable tricycle oleo strut landing gear with steerable oleo nose strut, 46 degree Turn-Over Angle (TOA), already drop tested at 2200 lbs. per FAR's, U.S. and Canadian FAA approved ;
  • The steerable oleo nose strut with 11.5" diameter Lamb type and size tire ( looks like a scaled down 5.00 x 5 tire ), retracts electro-hydraulically on deck ( separate from the main gear ) and sets the aircraft on it's nose for really easy ingress and egress for the pilot and passenger(s) ( simply step into the cockpit like an Indy car ), and for VERY stable parking in high winds because of the TOA ;
  • Electro-hydraulically operated large speed brake ;
  • Electro-hydraulically operated single piece canopy opens aft ala F-16 ;
  • Full span "split-flap" type rudders ;
  • Laminar flow wing and winglet airfoils, including strakes ;
  • Single Aero Fuel Cap for single point refueling covered by fuel door that's opened from the cockpit ;
  • Cowling opens like a car hood, and bottom cowling drops down. NO screws hold it in place! ;
  • Cowling, Fuel Door, Oil Door and Radome can only be opened from the cockpit ala new cars ;
  • Basic aerobatics capable, +10 / -9 g's limited ;
  • NO screws or antennas anywhere on the exterior of the aircraft ! ;
  • Three-way fuel selector valve ( OFF / ON / Reserve ), and one-way check valves, by AndAir ;
  • 70+ gallon internal fuel capacity ;
  • Room for two 7' tall people, or for two smaller people in the rear seat ;
  • 1100 lbs. useful Load ( 1600 lbs. useful Load, military / government version ) ;
  • 25+ cubic ft. of baggage area ;
  • Stall / spin resistant ;
  • True HOTAS Stick & Throttle ( click here for HOT ISO view and for HOT dimensions ) ;
  • Lighted Gear Switch -- see Home Page for more details ;
  • Complete rear cockpit control system, including rudder pedals ( if you wish ) ;
  • Room for a color weather, or air-to-air / air-to-ground, radar in the nose ;
  • Easy, low cost maintenance, and economical to operate ;
  • Rough terrain capable ( i.e. -- FAA approved grass strips, dirt strips, etc. ) ;
  • AND MORE !



  • Wing Mounted Pods. Hard Points built into the wings for customizable Pods and Pylons for golf clubs, skis, Zuni Rockets, AMRAM, Anti-Personnel Mines, Napalm, Electronic Warfare (EW) Pods, any kind of electronics pods, most any kind of ordinance, plumbing for external fuel, and/or extra baggage, and pod removes separately pylon ; i.e. -- pylons can be capped and left on the wings when pods are removed ;
  • Canopy Opening / configuration can be varied ( i.e. -- split F-4 Phantom style; to the side Coffin Style; forward in 1 piece like the glider boys do; split so that the front half goes forward and the aft half goes aft, but the aft half must close first because the front half closes over the aft half's front lip -- another Safety Feature ) ;
  • Ballistic Parachute Recovery System for entire aircraft.


     $39,995.00 [ $1000 refundable ( no risk -- money goes into a Trust / Escrow Account ) minimum deposit per Infinity 1 Quick Build Kit Sport Aicraft order ].  Deliveries will begin about 6 months after the Quick Build Kit Production Tooling Molds are completed [ only $3M to go, so if you hit the lottery, don't forget us :-) ].
        CALL any afternoon or early evening CA time for more details.

     Informative INFO PACK with pictures of why you should consider an Infinity 1 for your first or next plane ( please note -- the info pack and S & H, which does not include labor, costs us more than the small fee we charge below, which also keeps you on our mailing / data list).

          Thank you for your understanding, business and support :

       $20.00 via cash, check or money order in US (S & H is included)
            $20.80 Credit Card Price in US ( MasterCard or Visa ONLY -- S & H is included )

       $25.00 U.S. via cash, check or money order for overseas ( S & H is included )
            $26.00 Credit Card Price for overseas ( MasterCard or Visa ONLY -- S & H is included )

Infinity 1  CALCULATED PERFORMANCE  by NASA ( within 1 drag count of accuracy )


ENGINE INSTRUMENTS:  Rocky Mountain Instrument

PARACHUTES:  Para-Phernalia, Inc. [ used in Spaceship 1 ]

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Home | Infinity 1 Quick Build Kit Canard Sport Aircraft | Infinity 1 Calculated Performance

Retractable Main Landing Gear for Canards | Military Style Stick Grips (HOS)

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